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Devilish fat loafts that will eat everythang they can fo free.
"devilish fatties" clan leader- "Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me?!"

restaurant customer - "Wut"

devilish fatty - "Are you gunna eat thaat?!"
*obnoxious loud belch*

by thundaacaat July 04, 2011
Irish for 'you're fucked'.

Should not be mistaken for Clarke which is English. Hense the E.

synonyms - run, run away, hide, you've done it now, someone gunna get a hurt real bad, do you like your face

antonyms - you're safe, relax, i'm not going to knock you out

common misspellings - epic, winning, run, hide iwishthatwasmylastname
Clarke - Crumpets and tea? Oh wait good sir, you're Irish!
Clark - Clark.
Clarke - Ah yes!
Clark - *sigh*
by thundaacaat July 04, 2011

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