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Geordie way of saying starving
I havn't ate all day, i'm absolotly clamming
by Stormteddy August 05, 2011
The female version of "Seagulling". To throw lady juice at a random stranger.
Did you see that crazy woman...she was clamming all over his face!

Harold was in shock, that girl was clamming in public!

Leroy almost threw up, as some chic was clamming in his pasta.

Eli stated: "I could use a good clamming!"
Phil replied: "Me too!"
by pheli May 28, 2010
Needing/wanting something
Dude I'm clamming on a tab
by beaut. July 29, 2010
the art of making pearls out of the sand in one's vagina
dylan was clamming, hence the lack of his precense at the kegger.
by mitchell"3lb"koch February 15, 2005

An assertion of dominance or act of revenge where a woman crouches down over someone who is asleep or passed out so that her genitalia touches their face. The female equivalent of teabagging.
"Jane is really mad at John for being a drunken jackass tonight."
"Yeah, I know. She said she's clamming him when he passes out."
by Katy with a "y" December 01, 2011
Verb; the act of hanging out with, peing partners with or being with someone.
Guy 1: brosinski i dont have a partner for this rollercoaster, mind if we clam?

Guy 2: we were clamming before but you ditched. but fine, we can clam on this one, just dont shuck me at the last second like last time.
by the dentist223 March 15, 2011
The act of putting a bent beer bottle cap (resembles the clam) or pop tab in someone's beverage. It's great fun at a get together, seeing who can clam the most people or just one person in particular many times.
Bob: You should go clamming. Clam Suzy, bro, she got me earlier
Bryan: Alright!
*Bryan walks past Suzy's drink sitting on the table and drops a "clam" in while she isn't paying attention*
*Suzy takes a sip of her beer*
Suzy: WTF, who clammed me?!
by Hahaharry balls October 21, 2013