When a women goes about her daily life without panties (and god bless those women) it's called going 'Clamando'.

"Guys call it free ballin', what would we call it for women?"

I was down at the fish market today and I saw a girl going clamando.
by absoluteparanoia August 09, 2007
Top Definition
When a woman does not wear underwear. The female version of "commando."
The paparrazi goes nuts when Brittany Spears goes clamando.
by NudgeFellen August 09, 2007
Female version of going 'commando', that is, going in public without panties.
My girlfriend went clamando on our date and my right hand smelled like trout for three days.
by FrankR August 09, 2007
When a woman goes out without underwear. Similarly, when a man does it, it is called going "commando."
All my panties are in the laundry, so I'm going clamando today.
by Rough Riding Spartan August 09, 2007
A female who is not wearing underwear. The female equivalent of Freeballing.
Britney is going clamando agian. Unfortunatly for us the sun is there.
by Drew_Curtis August 08, 2007
When a women does not wear underwear underneath her outer clothing.
Britney Spears forgets to watch how she steps out of her limo and shows how she forgets to wear underwear. This is going clamando
by Scott Decca August 10, 2007
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