one who prevents a female from scoring sexually.
Don't clam jam her, Christina is trying to hook up with him.
by Xtina1925 June 07, 2010
A dose of semen that has been extracted from a vagina with a vaccuum cleaner hose after it has been left to frement for at least 24 hours.
You'd better get that out of there before it turns into clam jam.
by CYPHER9x9 May 18, 2011
A party of only girls (or at least 80% ladies), where there is a substantial abundance of the clam.
Jane invited her friends to a party that will "surely involve copious amounts of penis" Upon arrival her female friends find a ClamJam: an abundance of women, Bitch Drinks, chick flicks, and not a single sausage in sight. Bad form Jane, bad form.
by Pardz Bru October 28, 2010
Large group/party consisting primarily of vagina. I.e., equivalent to the male version "sausage fest".
Person A: So, how was the shin dig?

Person B: It was a total clam jam!
by Booka88 June 21, 2010
The female equivalent of tea bagging.
Janice's friend passed out drunk, so she clam jammed her.
by Beadle79 June 26, 2012
A song sung by a female rock group pertaining to the subjects of heart break, hating men, or expressing ones self in a feminine way.
Man Taylor Swift's song, "Love Story" is one hell of a Clam Jam.
by Lucky16 January 13, 2011
The female version of a cockblock; When a female blocks another female friend from scoring a cute boy, due to jealousy or anger.
(Jane was talking to a cute boy at a party when her friend Karen walks up)
Karen: "Okay Jane it's time to go, I have to go home and feed my cat."
Jane: "Aww Karen quit being such a clam jam!"
by FckAllYall October 16, 2010
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