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A new age cover band in central Minnesota
Hey did you see Clamjam last night at the Fineline?
by Mumbo Jumbo dos February 07, 2013
3 4
The female equivalent of tea bagging.
Janice's friend passed out drunk, so she clam jammed her.
by Beadle79 June 26, 2012
14 16
A party of only girls (or at least 80% ladies), where there is a substantial abundance of the clam.
Jane invited her friends to a party that will "surely involve copious amounts of penis" Upon arrival her female friends find a ClamJam: an abundance of women, Bitch Drinks, chick flicks, and not a single sausage in sight. Bad form Jane, bad form.
by Pardz Bru October 28, 2010
2 4
Large group/party consisting primarily of vagina. I.e., equivalent to the male version "sausage fest".
Person A: So, how was the shin dig?

Person B: It was a total clam jam!
by Booka88 June 21, 2010
17 19
one who prevents a female from scoring sexually.
Don't clam jam her, Christina is trying to hook up with him.
by Xtina1925 June 07, 2010
17 19
The female version of a cockblock; When a female blocks another female friend from scoring a cute boy, due to jealousy or anger.
(Jane was talking to a cute boy at a party when her friend Karen walks up)
Karen: "Okay Jane it's time to go, I have to go home and feed my cat."
Jane: "Aww Karen quit being such a clam jam!"
by FckAllYall October 16, 2010
10 13
The female equivalent of the cock block, but amongst two girls who'd like to get it on. A much more graphic term to use than box lock.
Trent is hanging out with a bunch of his lesbian friends at a bar. One of his friends' name is Lily.

Lily: That girl at the bar is so hot. I'm going to go hit on her.
Trent: No, I'm cranky. Let's go home.
Lily: Ok fine.

Trent has just clam jammed Lily.
by Candyce February 12, 2008
23 26