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n. 1) Douche baggery in it's highest form. Often someone who will be hypocritical to the point where they do it in your face, just to show superiority or plain stupidity.

2) Someone who is completely oblivious the the obvious joke, or not recognizing blatant sarcasm. Often uses profanity awkwardly, and at inappropriate moments.

3) Someone who constantly tries to fit in, at the worst possible times, and almost always fails. Also likes to make other people feel like shit when ever they can do something that you can't.
1:"Wow man, you got a 65 on that quiz? DAMN. I got a 96..."
2:"Shut up, you clakmat."

3:"And by the converse of the transit..."

5: "Racist jokes? That's just sad man, just plain sad..."
5: "Hey, want to hear a joke? A black guy goes into a bar and..."
by NentertainmentS March 10, 2010
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