Sliced bread that has been browned on both sides with heat that has been coated with a soft, pale yellow, fatty food and then layered with a spice that is dried aromatic tree bark ground into powder and mixed with a sweet-tasting substance, usually in the form of tiny hard white or brown grains.
I love to eat Cinnamon Toast.
by T N L Barth March 18, 2013
Top Definition

1. When a white male pursues a black female with the intention of having a sexual relationship.
Bobby: Hey look at at Louie over there at the end of the bar, talking to that black girl.

Murry: Looks like he's getting some cinnamon toast tonight.
by Lu-1337 April 19, 2009
Something sublime, a little sweet and a little spicy.
Jessica, your ass is cinnamon toast!
by The Rooster March 11, 2005
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