A cindy is the best person you could ever meet. She will most likely like ugly and worthless guys, but that is becasue she sees their potential. She believes her car has feelings, and says words that were cool in the 90's. Beware of partying with a cindy, make sure you have no intentions of having a good time because cindy's generally get drunk quickly, and tend to get raging attitudes. They are more often then not naive, but they are total closet freaks, stunted by their mothers overbearing needs. She will make odd sounds, but jus remind her that you will not be joining the natives anytime soon and neither will she.She will spend money like a fiend, probably. Oh! if you want a cindy as a friend, walk around with a tidbit in your pocket and one will come running. She is an angel, and dont think of her as anything else. If you have a cindy as a friend, be careful, and smack her if she bites. that cant become a habit.
girl- "wow this car seat is super heavy to carry"
the cindy- "i was standing on the belt!"
girl- *pokes forehead of the cindy* "your such a cindy!"
by dizzyheartsyou June 05, 2011
Top Definition
Often used to describe a girl who is amazingly cute. Usually innocent and smart as well.
Guy #1: Dayyyyum. That girl is so fine. And mad cute.
Guy #2: Yea, she's totally a Cindy
by Princess Sophia and George October 08, 2006
A wonderful loving person who helps everybody they come in contact with. Usually known for their wicked amazing math talents.
I love you Cindy!!
by Cyberfairy March 15, 2009
Cindy is used to describe a thing of perfection
man that cat is so Cindy

Totally Cindy.

That girl is so Cindy

thats a Cindy Car
by extremist_madeover@hotmail.com September 22, 2008
A very sweet angelic like girl. Very beautiful and passionate about life. Love's to be around wonderful people and very family oriented
Cindy is such a sweetheart!
by iloveangels February 04, 2010
A very cool and cute girl who is loved by all guys.
She is always thinking about others and has an angelic spirit.
Boy 1; Guess who I like? Shes a cute and cool girl.
Boy 2; Cindy
Boy 1; Boy you read my mind.
by Duckzee February 07, 2010
sassy, cute, woman who gets into your head and stays there, sexy, sweet, intuitive, hot, did I say sexy? A woman with a sweet sexy voice like a kitten who will rock your world like a tiger.
me: went out last night and met a Cindy...now shes in my head

me: I've just been cindied
by matt6576 April 23, 2010
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