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Crazy psycho bitch that lives next door and threatens people with screw drivers and typically have mental illnesses and are bisexual.
Fat, popped out eyes, curly short black hair , and shuffles their feet in a creepy manor. Cindys are said to never sleep and are always lurking outside of your house. Usually makes inappropriate comments and are very paranoid.
Jordan- Holy shit did you hear about Cindy yesterday?
Justin- Yeah, she is a Psycho bitch.
by Cindys Neighbour D: June 05, 2011
26 95
Often used to describe a girl who is amazingly cute. Usually innocent and smart as well.
Guy #1: Dayyyyum. That girl is so fine. And mad cute.
Guy #2: Yea, she's totally a Cindy
by Princess Sophia and George October 08, 2006
3206 985
A wonderful loving person who helps everybody they come in contact with. Usually known for their wicked amazing math talents.
I love you Cindy!!
by Cyberfairy March 15, 2009
1698 719
Cindy is used to describe a thing of perfection
man that cat is so Cindy

Totally Cindy.

That girl is so Cindy

thats a Cindy Car
by September 22, 2008
1266 468
A very sweet angelic like girl. Very beautiful and passionate about life. Love's to be around wonderful people and very family oriented
Cindy is such a sweetheart!
by iloveangels February 04, 2010
1024 467
A very cool and cute girl who is loved by all guys.
She is always thinking about others and has an angelic spirit.
Boy 1; Guess who I like? Shes a cute and cool girl.
Boy 2; Cindy
Boy 1; Boy you read my mind.
by Duckzee February 07, 2010
863 382
sassy, cute, woman who gets into your head and stays there, sexy, sweet, intuitive, hot, did I say sexy? A woman with a sweet sexy voice like a kitten who will rock your world like a tiger.
me: went out last night and met a shes in my head

me: I've just been cindied
by matt6576 April 23, 2010
622 349