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6 definitions by marmarthe2nd

A store that suffers business-wise because 95% of potential shoppers think all they have is coats. In reality, it's much like Bealls, JC Penney, Dillards and the such.
"why the hell would I want to go to Burlington Coat Factory? all they have is coats!"

or do they....
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
59 13
someone (usually used to describe a girl) who gives alot of head to men.
"katy is a real knob bobber"
by marmarthe2nd July 04, 2006
54 25
the maximum amount of times you can beat off in one day.
"jeez, it's so sore Jim, I think I've achieved Beatimus Maximus"
by marmarthe2nd July 21, 2006
27 4
what you say to your woman when you want her to give you head.
After a long day at work you come home and sit down and see your wife/girlfriend and say "slob it"
by marmarthe2nd July 04, 2006
9 1
How gangsta wanna-be's say "yeah" because they think they're cooler for it.
"chyeah, i don reely be knowin how to talk rite dawg"
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
92 123
A tatoo usually placed on the face of someone who either has killed another person, or wants to front and act like they have cause they think it's cool. Wanna-be's aside, the legitimate wearers of this tatoo likely killed someone with a knife or gun because they are pussies and can't fight fair.
"yo dawg, that tear drop tatoo is tight, yo pussy ass musta shanked somebody cause i know yo skinny ass didn't beat him to death.....PUSSY"
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
23 56