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A truly trustworthy friend. Someone who listens well and will always be there for you when you need her.
I like that girl. She is so chyann.

Awesome Fun Smart adventurous caring
by RIPVet June 05, 2013
1)an odd spelling of Cheyanne, Sheyenne, also known as the capitol of Wyoming.

2)the coolest, most weird person
Chyann is so weird!!
by Chyann January 28, 2009
Is the type of a person who likes to ruin good things. She likes to tease people and use them. When she says jump, you better jump or she will make you regret it. Also, she is obnoxious and highly unfunny.
Person #1: "Well that was easy."
Person #2: "You mean it was so Chyann? That easy?"
Person #1: "Yeah, it was so Chyann."
by swaggyyy May 26, 2012
(Homonym) Verb:

1. To get food on one's face.
2. To fall without sense.
3. * Used as an expletive *
4. To be absent from existence.
1. You're chyanning all over your face!
2. You just chyanned down the stairs.
3. Go chyann yourself!
4. What's a chyann?
by awkward_trench December 05, 2011

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