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a general term used as a substitute to any particular word (it may be a person, place, thing, verb, etc.)usually used as a COdename so that no one can identify who, where, what they are talking about.
JAY: have you seen Chuva?
Jane: nope, why are you CHUVAheng for her?
JAY: nada! i just wanna give this uhm..chuva to her..
Jane: oh, dont worry, i'll just chuva you when i see her..ok?
by ish_regs January 03, 2008
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When you run out of words or you do not know what word comes after a word, you say 'chuva'.
Hey Nezza, you really look hot in that Baby Phat and Juicy...erm...Juicy Chuva black top.
by Kewl_Chic June 21, 2004
Brand of water that donates money to Brazilian rain forests
Chuva is a word that means rain in portuguese
Hey Rach, can we swing by a store so I can grab a Chuva water? It's the only brand I buy. Grabba Chuva. Save the Rainforest.
by collie69 January 07, 2009

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