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When a person is bullshitting a lot, you call him/her chussarr. When he or she is saying stupid/irritable stuff, you call him/her chussarr.

What a chusar is saying is called a chuss (singular) or chussain (plural).

If a person is trying to say something really funny, but is actually very dumb, he or she can also be called a chussarr.

The word is mostly used in Islamabad and Rawalpindi
ex.1: It is hot and humid, and the TV's host face is oily. She says: " Oh my gosh, my face is so oily, i hope the US does'nt attack me". The TV host is a chussarr, what she said is a chuss. If she keeps saying stuff like that, those will be chussain.

Yaar chussain naa chor

Itna barha chussarr hai na tu

Itni heavy kism ki chuss chor rahi hai

Chussein apni bund kar
by Kaala Kutta September 29, 2010

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