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The concept of 'churnover' is an amalgamation of two often-confused (and now synergised!) terms:

1. Turnover: denoting a high rate of (possibly good quality) goods/people within a cyclical process within a period of time.

2. Churn-out: denoting the provision of 'functional' outputs of dubious quality in a methodical, banal manner (see Price Waterhouse Cooper, most think tanks)

Churnover therefore denotes a high rate of banal outputs of bad - or no - quality at all.

Churnover can therefore be applied retrospectively to most the things that have occurred over the lat 30 years.
'Wow, we really are seeing a churnover of undergraduate degrees these days'

'Wow, the third world is sure experiencing a churnover of births'
#turnover #churn-out #banal #mimesis #ford #think tank #civil service
by bbanter March 17, 2010
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