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Often used to describe being a "lier" or a "cunt." Often used by AIM people that play "Club Penguin"
Hersh: "LOLZZ UR A FOOL" Me: "Stop Chuntra"
by xBenjamin83 November 28, 2010
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Wat c0l club PENGUIN ppl use to describe a lier lolz.
PinkLITTLEme, LBK5, chanelglit, seaISunfamouse, PARTYHAT11, CHUNTRA
by Benjamin83 November 20, 2010
Often used to describe being a "lier" a "whore/hoar" or a mexican stripper.
Mostly used by clubpenguin users on AIM.
Only cool ppl say it, not noobs like milesizinhere
U DRTY CHUNTRA!!!!!!!!111 lol!!!!!!!!! i roq and im famouse ")
by lolz34567 November 20, 2010
slang word for cunt and retard in one word
You chuntra! That was a new shirt and you spilled juice all over it
by xxlocapinkxx November 20, 2010

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