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Large chin and neck area
A chunt can look as if someone has a pelican pouch to keep their belongings in when really it is just down to too much beer,
by deavlo November 11, 2009
An amalgamation of the words "Chav" and "Cunt". Typically used to describe an Orpington resident, the word Chunt can also be used to describe any hoody wearing, pikey scumbag.

The word Chunt is also more socially acceptable than Cunt, and can therefore be used in situations where it's usually not acceptable to swear. Or at work...
E.g. Look at that chunt taking a piss on the train. Next stop Orpington!
by Smileytony August 15, 2010
The chutney like substance a woman secretes from her vagina during menstruation, similar in consistency to a tasty relish or tomato chutney.
As Tyler arose from between Jane's legs she noticed a beard of chunt had been established on his face. He was wearing the dolmio grin.
by rambodspogjspog July 08, 2010
The displaced chunks or clods of earth that are products of lawn aeration. It shares a similar naming, as well as a similar meaning to "Chads", which--as you may know--are the small displaced pieces of paper which result from a hole-punch, or 3-hole punch (most often in form of a circle).

For the longest time, nobody knew what to actually call a chunt. Almost everybody, since they were a child, has seen a chunt, but again--never knew what to refer to it as. Kids have often referred to them as turds or poo; but let's face it, that's just lewd.
Kid #1 (on freshly aerated soccer field): Man, these chunts are getting out of hand, why would coach make us play on the field today?

Kid #2: Because we strive for greatness, Pancho , because we strive for greatness...
by THORAX THE IMPALER! June 24, 2010
(N.) A vagina whose width exceeds its depth. A vagina that is wider than it is deep. A mixture of the words cunt and chode.
Jerry has a chode, and finally found a woman with a chunt to fit into perectly.
by spoooooner March 08, 2010
a Chinese woman who is acting like a bitch, aka a cunt

Chinese + cunt = chunt
Wow, that chick is such a chunt
by anonymomomomo January 21, 2010
noun; mixture of words "cunt" and "chode"; all-encompassing slang word used for name calling, typically when you can't decide if the subject is being more of a cunt or a chode.
"Sam is such a chunt."
by gracefell December 21, 2009