Chunt for all those wet bag sons of bitches coming to the US trying to act ghetto. and say words like "si huey" "Orale huey" all those fake ass wannabee gangsters with earings and JINCO Jeans with their HURT ASS SF Giants hats from 24th Mission all the way to silver st.
Look at that hurt ass chunt trying to holler at hat girl with his hurt ass rice rocket wannabee honda with the Hurt CHROME RIMS.
by SOUTHSIDE 13 BITCH! March 08, 2005
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Top Definition
(N.) A short version of the word Chuntaro, meaning a Mexican Wetback or being tacky, Mexican-Style.
(V.) pertaining to Chuntaro.
Not to be confused with chunt pronounced chuh- unt, meaning a fat puss.
" Seriously,... Why does your mom got plastic over all of the couches. It's totally chunty, not to mention my balls keep sticking to it."
by Mony Love July 15, 2003
A short version for Chuntaro... not meaning Mexican Wetback but to call every LATINO a straight up Paisa.. meaning straight tacky from their country!!!
Damn you speak like a straight up Chunt!!!
by Monchi December 22, 2004
The sexual organ consisting of a vagina and a ballsac
"Dude I was going down on this girl then I saw it..."
"Saw what"
"She had a chunt"
" awww fuck that's nasty"
#vagina #ballsac #sex organ #butthole #taint
by Carter Chunt January 10, 2015
Charity worker who harasses you on the street for money claiming they are doing a good deed by working for a charity but really they are getting paid to annoy you to meet a quota.
I really don't want those chunts to talk to me, I'm so sick of them
#charity #scabs #liar #annoying #harassment
by stahlbar August 15, 2014
A chap or chick who is a cunt that is too cunty to be called just a cunt. The H adds emphasis to their cuntiness; someone who thinks they're too awesome when they're not.
Damn brah, she ate all the good skittles and left the nasty ones. What a chunt.

That dude right thurr thinks his leather chaps look cool. What a chunt.
#cunt #insult #chap #chick #sucker
by jaydolla May 25, 2012
Chunt a chunky Cunt

Annoying fat bitch
That bitch is a huge Chunt!!!
#cunt #pussy #fat pussy #fat #fatbitch
by HeNo June 24, 2014
An austrailian online gaming word that combines the meaning of cheating cunt into one easy too say word.
*guy gets a spawn kill headshot*

Mike: Spawn kill you fucking chunt!


*noob flys a jet into a tank in Battlefield 3*

Mike: You chunting noob! No suicide jets!
#noobkill #cheating cunt #cunting cheat #chint #cuncheat
by Anras January 26, 2013
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