stuff that spues forth violently from between a womans legs that can commonly be mistaken as chip dip. The stuff that can stick to your leg, the wall, random passerby
unfortunatly for mary it was that time of the month and the chunky salsa flowed like a red river of doom or like an inducing blue ball river of doom.
by skippy the hippy February 24, 2008
Top Definition
Another term to describe a woman's period, and the time the period lasts.
Damn, i got my chunky salsa today- i feel like shit!
come on juan, let's go get nacho's supreme!

all right! then we can go to climb the magical talking tree mrs. robins!
by Juan Jaar May 03, 2008
Military term refering to the unidentifiable mass of blood and bone fragmetns left over when a fragmentation gernade in thrown into an occupied room / bunked / cave made from a strong material such as concrete or rock. The shrapnel from the gernade doesn't have the power to pierce the walls, but too much momentum to stop. So it simply bounces around in the room for a while until all occupants are reduced to small bits resembling chunky style chip salsa.
What to do when you got a bunker full of diehard? Toss a frag in and try not to step in the chunky salsa.
by awelltrainedferret April 27, 2007
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