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Very large, lumpy buttocks with the appearance of being molded from large scoops of cottage cheese. Spandex does much to liberate and define the 'chunk' in many chunk butts.
Wow, look at that chunk butt walking across the street. (I first heard this in the mid-80's in Los Angeles, and that is an exact quote.)
by Jascal February 25, 2006
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amazing person with a big booty and has lots of friends cuzz shes amazing and popular and just beautiful! usually blonde and has tooo many friends too count! she has an amazing personality and knows how too cheer people up! her bestfriend is usually a Krissy and her guy best friends is usually a Josh! their gonna get married and have a kid tht look slike Joel!<33(;
i wish i had a chunkbutt!
by chunkbutt4 July 23, 2011
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