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Stemming from Balkan roots (Serbia and Bosnia) the word Chuna its a nickname for penis. Its use can be seen in the world acclaimed movie by Emir Kusturica 'Do You Remember Dolly Bell?' (Secas li se Dolly Bell?).

Pronounced: Chuuunaah, Emphasis is placed on the 'ch' of the word (not the same sound as in the word 'Tuna' but more of the 'tr' in 'Tree'.
"My chuna is not looking its best today"
by SonjaMala July 05, 2009
the correct pronounciation for tuna, it's not toona
i love chuna, it smells so nice
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
another name for Chicken of the Sea or chicken in a can.
I want a chuna sandwich on rye. (this sounds much better than saying "I want a chicken from a can sandwich."
by brunkmail March 30, 2009