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A character from the Street Fighter video games. Crazy-ass kung fu bitch whose sole purpose in life is to stick her size 9 boot far up M. Bison's ass.
And so the Lord said unto thee: "Chun Li! Thou shalt lay the royal smackdown on M. Bison's bitch ass." And Chun Li did beat the shit out of M. Bison, and it was good, and the people rejoiced.
Chun Li 3:16
by DarkMillennia August 25, 2003
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You can see her panties when she kicks high. Kikouken power!
Chun Li was the first female to appear in the Street Fighter series.
by ^_^ August 21, 2003
The 1st lady of Street Figher. She wants to put the hurtin' on Bison because he killed her dad.
nuff said
by Evil Tim September 20, 2003
She love you long time. And she kick your ass too.
Damn that Chun Li is helluva tough. She put the kickdown on the entire Shadowloo gang.
by Mega Man September 08, 2003
The Street Fighter character who never skipped leg day.
Chun Li performing spammed kick moves: YUH! YUH! YUH!
by Balakay21 October 10, 2015
A very hot and sexy chinese babe from Street Fighter, she is the master of 6 different styles of Kung Fu. She wants to have sex with Ryu and Guy together(threesome).
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
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