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A chumplin is another name for a shortened eggroll or spring roll. A chumplin is most usually used to describe a Filipino style egg role that is sometimes called lumpia. Chumplins can come with various fillings: beef, pork and veggie are most common. Shrimp chumplins are also quite common but go by the alternate name of scrumplins. Large non-tubular chumplins are often referred to as chumpdumplins and can be eaten on their own or in a traditional soup known as slurrplin
Please hand me another chumplin for consumption

The flaky crusted seafood scrumplins are far superior to the soggy pig meat chumplins this evening

My grandmothers recipe is a bit non-traditional. She puts chumplin, scrumplin and chumpdumplin in her slurrplin
by mAntis99 September 27, 2011
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