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Delicious Pilipino snack similar to eggroll. Can be used as a projectile.
Requires fun dipping sauce.
After my shift ended at my job as a respiratory terapist, i sent pour tousan dollar to Quezon City, and apter dat I ate pourteen lumpia.
by FuBu October 18, 2003
an eggroll like filipino snack with characteristics of a ninja star when thrown. weapon of choice for lumpia man.can usually be found folded neatly like an envelope.
after finding out that my magnok was undercooked, i hurled three pieces of lumpia at the chef.
by got lumpia? October 20, 2003
eggroll like Filipino snack, normally folded neatly like an envelope; also used as a weapon when thrown.
Dude Gerv is pissed, he is throwing six month old beef lumpia at me.
by Greg Brady October 15, 2003