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A Mutated Cat with a western hat that has about four nuclear fusion bombs surgically implanted in it. When said cat dies, they go off.
I think Chumpkins got out...

Oh, Shit! RUN!

by Energyboy June 02, 2012
An almost instantly recognisable, but previously undefined/unclassified native of modern Britain.

A post Millenium cutural phenomenon that occurs when natural and manmade habitats intersect.

A Chumpkin©® is in its basest form an unfortunate hybrid of Chav and Country Bumpkin, rarely seen outside the areas where large towns and rural countryside directly connect.

First identified and officially classified within the M25 in a housing estate on the outskirts of North West London in 2009 these creature have now been identified across the UK and as far as Eastern Europe.
Chumpkin, Ongar, Rickmansworth, a few spotted in Bermondsey (but they may have been of the travelling community)
by 2Hi August 05, 2013
It is when you get a blowjob when you are eating something.
I love when I get Taco Bell and a chumpkin from Stacy.
by pecker killer October 26, 2011
when a man jacks off while taking a shit
i was so hard up for a blumpkin, i gave myself a chumpkin.
by martydog74 August 16, 2003
A combination of a munchkin and a chump. One who always says "I will do it later". They contribute nothing to society. They are often seen lounging on a couch or bean bag with a bag of Cheetos. His goal in life is to drop out of school and smoke pot all day, although this is just a "threat" as he is too much of a pussy to actually do it. He also has his own language called "chumpkinese" which may sound similar to jibberish. Think "Don Vito"esqe.
Beware of the Chumpkins
by Scrotal July 26, 2010
Receiving a blow job while eating a cheeseburger.
I was sitting on my couch eating a cheeseburger, while my girl was giving me a chumpkin.
by DeeJay Juicy April 21, 2010
chumpkins is something you say when you are just feeling good. like when you work out and take a hot shower or you just finish masturbating and are sitting back with a beer.
"What you up to man?"
"Chillin, watchin South Park with a Corona"
"Chumpkins dude"
"Über chumpkins"
by Pancake Bunny October 24, 2004
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