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An idiot.

A famous modern-day pirate ship which seats no more than 2 men at any given time.

The name of the Captain of the ship bearing the same name.
That Chumknuckle just shit his pants.

by EvilJam September 13, 2006
4 1
what one gets when they are finger-banging a woman who has a fishy-smelling vagina
i was ready to go down on her, but had to check out the goods first. i couldn't eat her out b/c her pussy gave me chumknuckle.
by WeezieCletusBBH May 20, 2009
3 1
1. An idiot or moron
2. Someone who is clumsy.
Did you hear what she said? She is such a chum knuckle!
by XTO June 18, 2010
1 1