A chav drug addict usually off his face on crack
Yo s'up blaird, that chuggy wasteman just got shanked ya'll!
by BombShankYa January 07, 2010
Combination of the words chubby and pudgy.
A girl who has a little extra meat on her, "more cushion for the pushin'", would be called chuggy.
by Mazza Cantpants February 06, 2009
chuggies or chugs are english slang for pieces of chewing gum.
oi, give us a chug my throst is really dry
by Andrew January 22, 2004
A combination of chubby and ugly.
Ain't nothing popping tonight, only thing in here is chuggy bitches
by I_Shine_365 August 14, 2010
Usally a girl who attempts to drive a car and stalls it frequently and 'bunnyhopps' down the road shagging the steering colum. Also known as a third wheel. Is always bored, very hard to entertain and fidgity. Needs to know the agenda of the full week in advance!
Common phase of a chuggy ' Im bored!' Oh my god look at her woooo shes soo fat! Look at her hair! Whatttt!!!!
What a freaky bitch!
by Amy June 10, 2004
And elite member of VLR, Chuggy is a cood guy. He's a laid back, quiet, mysterious and attractive. He and his comrade Shado fight the PSB and other enemies of VLR with sticks and cheese, and sometimes weapons. Also as term used to describe someone of this personality.
Wow, Chuggy is so cool, I want to s3x0r him!
Did you see that ninja? Totally chuggy.
by Dave January 07, 2004
An elite VLR member who is the lone wolf of the group. He's cool, calculating, laid back and quiet. Also used to describe people of the same personality type.
Chuggy is such an awesome dude, I want to s3x0r him!
Did you see that ninja? Totally chuggy.
by Dave January 07, 2004

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