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a series made by pro skier ian cosco showing life off the slope, featuring PROOOOOOO's
"yo tj!"

"chuuuuuuuug life"

is chug life 5 out yet?
by newschooler July 21, 2009
The documented life of skiing extraordinaire, Ian Cosco, AKA Chug. This excellent portrayal of the ski bum lifestyle is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Teaching new types of Afterbanging, and of course Joe Schuster.
Hey yo homie, what you watchin' there on NS?
- O shit brotha, just the new edition of Chug Life!
Really?, Damn, let me check it!
by Afterbanger17 July 21, 2009
1. Racist way to describe a Native American who is acting all "thugged out." Extracted from Thug Life (2Pac).
"Chug Life! Comin straight out the reserve!"
by Phat J May 30, 2005
living the hardcore lifestyle
chug, referring to the open breakdowns,and life referring to well... life.

these two words are often seen on HxC knuckle tattoos.
Angel Got A New Jackson And Krank Revolution+!
Man, He Lives The Chug Life
by Chemistry Blows May 18, 2009
What ma native homeboyz say when we reminisce about ridin on our enemiez on da rez. RESPEKT DA CHUG LYFE
Chug: Chug Life Babay!

*Chugs a 40 pounder of Bacardi 151 and passes out*
by joseriviera October 25, 2006
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