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To masturbate and cry at the same time
Jim's so depressing, he's in his room having a Krank now..
by Seymour Stanley March 16, 2008
to give your penis a quick couple of tugs before getting out of the pool or water at the beach, self inhancement Half a Chubby
just Krank it a bit and it will be all good
by Anvilman January 14, 2012
the word that describes the relationship between Kristen and Frank. Kristen + Frank = KRANK!
Yo i saw Krank hittin' up the mall.

OMG Zanessa and Krank went to the movies together for a double date!
by misswibes April 28, 2011
Crazy + Dank = Crank

But the "C" in "Crank" isn't crazy enough to describe how dank said bud is. Therefore, the word "krazy" is more fitting. Thus, krank.
Mang.. I was so high last night! That bud was krank!
by TheIllist April 24, 2011
Drugs man drugs
that was some good krank!
by Krank January 25, 2004
gimme a hit of that krank...playa
by dylan June 16, 2003

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