to be puffed up with self contented delight, happiness and well being; to be chuffed, full of chuffiness, to things chuffily.
a ruffled grouse puffing up its feathers
in courtship.
by Serena Rykert February 24, 2004
Top Definition
1. Chuffy is a nickname for a Steam Train Driver; so called for the 'chuff chuff' sound Steam Engines make.

2. Chuffy was also the imaginary friend of alcoholic police detective Jack Force in the BBC Comedy sketch show 'Armstrong and Miller'. The sketches can be found on youtube under "armstrong and miller force on the case"
1. "My Daddy is a chuffy."

2. Jack Force: "C'mon Chuffy!"
by carterusm July 01, 2011
A male who is buff and chubby combined.
"You see that man, he's a chuffy'
buff chubby

"I like a chuffy man"
by K1803 December 28, 2013
A 49 year old train driver who wears a train drivers hat, has a moustash and is Big G's imaginary friend.
here comes chuffy in his train. Look Waj is having lessions.
by waj January 15, 2004
doobie; joint; blunt; reefer; pocket rocket;
John smoked a chuffy and forgot what he was doing.
by Ken Neal January 15, 2004
Reefer; joint; dooby; Blunt;
I smoked a chuffy and forgot what I was doing.
by Ken Neal January 15, 2004
A tall, smelly, hairy and most masculine looking woman. Most commenly found in the cheapest bars drinking bitter.
"Shit man! how much did you drink last night? I saw the Chuffy in the kichen this morning!"
by Dominic January 09, 2004
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