chuddy, the singular for chuddies.A useful word for showing emotion.And it means buttcheeks.
Kiss my chuddies!
by Angy February 09, 2004
Chum and Buddy mixed together. A Friend.
"All right, ma Chuddy!"

"Me and my Chuddies are headin down town"
by Cloalo December 12, 2007
wen someone has cheesy smelling balls
"argh hes got chuddy balls"
by Foxxxyboy August 10, 2006
A person with short stubby arms/legs and sausage fingers.most come with abnormally large forehead size.
aka alagator arms....Most go by the name of Neil Patnaude. And his accomplice his girlfriend Yamaca.
NEIL Patnaude has trouble swimming and driving because of his chuddy arms.

Neil could not go on the go-carts at funtown because they said he was to chuddy.

by Alagator hater July 27, 2005
Visually upsetting, poorly crafted. Akward in design. and execution. Frequently used to describe yucky blown glass. Also see chud.
That fluter is mega chuddy.
by Levi December 13, 2004
1.A female who is chubby and likes to show it off. 2. A fat girl that thinks she is skinny.
Anna nicole smith.
by M. Weimer December 26, 2002
amazingness,great bud
this shit is the chuddy
by the fat kid November 18, 2007
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