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1. when women go out to dance in circles and men go out to hunt them

2. something done to seals
1. hey lets go out clubbing tonight

2. hey lets go out clubbing tonight
by Angy September 01, 2003
ok the whole "game behind these bracelets, IS REALLY FUCKED OVER!!!< they just banned them at my school, and yea im pissed.. i wore them for fashion and so did all the other ppl that wore them, adults just might just have a dick up their asses NOT US!! i mean if i even wanted to have sex i would tell him/her not break their bracelets that cost them money, its fucking pathetic and pointless they would probably say no if i did break the bracelet cause they arent into it and if someone is! U R SICK FUCKS!!! GO AWAY! and ooo! my mom is gonna make me go to a psychiatrist cuz i dont listen to the school and wear my bracelets anyway under my sweatshirt so noone can see or break them anyway!!
*random person breaks angy's bracelet*
wats this mean?
*angy slaps person*
it means get off ur pathetic ass go ask someone and mayby ull get fucked! and also buy me a new fucking bracelets u bitch!!
by Angy September 15, 2004
An absolute minger who is a loser that no one likes
"what a losertic"
by Angy February 09, 2004
chuddy, the singular for chuddies.A useful word for showing emotion.And it means buttcheeks.
Kiss my chuddies!
by Angy February 09, 2004
Laziest bastard in music today. Has released 3 studio albums since 1989.
Has in past spent spare time touring, playing doom, scoring for movies, drinking, hanging out with manson, playing quake, hanging out with bowie, touring, playing metroid prime, hanging out with maynard and pretending to write an album.
Since 2002, Reznor has announced that he won't be doing the Doom 3 soundtrack, that the Tapeworm project is dead and that he is nowhere near finishing Bleedthrough.
by Angy June 18, 2004

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