A penis wider then it is long.
Dude! You have a chuddy!
by tenaciousd2005 October 13, 2007
a man's ballbag (scrotum)
suck my chuddy or chuddies
by ozzy-69 November 06, 2006
it means knickers u fools...eeh i dunno, where u get butt-cheeks from??
kiss ma chuddies man
by taz December 11, 2004
Awww...I've wedgied myself and pulled my chuddies right into my arse!!!
by te_rey January 08, 2003
smoking pot....... ahahhah
smoke up the chuddies......
by the cronic man August 16, 2003
a hairy saggy minge
fuk off u chuddy!
by h June 30, 2004

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