Retired Gangster that plays football.
by PHiL May 30, 2003
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Chuco is mainly a noun but it can be a verb, adjective, pronoun, proverb. It can be used in a sentence that is pathos, ethos, or logos.
"Hey Chuco! Let's go to the bar and drink a few chucos and then smoke a chuco outside." It can also be used as a greeting. For example, if you walk into a party then everyone will be like, "CHUCO!"
by Spun211 May 17, 2010
1) Short for "Pachuco". Mexican Culture started in El Paso, Texas.
2) A Nickname for El Paso, Texas.
Let's go to chuco and do nothing because there's nothing to do there.
by LC Rogers November 23, 2006
in the salvadoran culture chuco means dirty.
ese trapo esta chuco. meaning "that rag is dirty"
by DianaR84 December 26, 2006
its another name for francisco
example like paco,pancho,chuco,pancholo they are all pet forms of francisco
by tuffy /chuco July 25, 2008
the style or the "in" thing

human crap
Man skinnies are the chuco these days.
by AiRHEAD2047890 February 13, 2010
some lameass that can only play ball against people 8 years younger and thinks hes the king...
chuco ur not tight at ball, maybe on the xbox
by PHiL May 30, 2003

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