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A form of government ruled not only by an iron fist, but also of a roundhouse kick and magnificent beard. Not to be confused by a dicktatorship, as those are ruled by dicks. A Chucktatorship is democratic, but the only vote that counts is that of Chuck Norris, making the majority the minority as compared to Chuck Norris.
In a Chucktatorship, the iron fist of law is backed by the roundhouse kick of justice.
#chucktatorship #chuck norris #roundhouse #fist #beard #government
by Fuhnetic August 25, 2010
A Form Of Government Refering To The Belief In Chuck Norris.
Contrary To Popular Belief, America Isnt A Democracy, It Is In Fact, A Chucktatorship
#chuck-tae-tore-ship #norris-a-tarianism #wood-chukin #norris-lovin #chuck-a-tising
by MadeInTywon August 06, 2006
adj. (ch-uck-tA-tore-ship)
1. The describing word for a place that has a form of government that is ruled by Chuck Norris
2. Someone who rules in a Chucktatorship would be one who tells many Chuck Norris "facts"
Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it's a Chucktatorship.
#chuktatorship #chuctatorship #norristatorship #norrisship #chucknorristatorship
by Lgm432 March 07, 2009
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