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The totalitarian government ruled by the phallace.
Chick A: So turns out Rory's addicted to midgetporn. He wants me to dress up as a wood elf for halloween.
Chick B: Dude, too bad men are ruled completely by their penises.
Chick A: Fo sho. What a dicktatorship.
by pissamind November 22, 2009
To be controlled or dominated by a man
Guy1 "Dude my girlfriend wont let me do anything"
Guy2 "that sucks dude but i aint a pussy, i own my woman, its a DICKtatorship"
by Wildo 69 April 01, 2010
The government of Soda Springs High School. A form of the word dictatorship except the dictator is a complete dick.
Taylor was running a dicktatorship and was beginning to piss everyone off.
by Barshizzle November 12, 2007
When basic freedom like fapping anonymously is put to an end by the government giving your download history to pornographers.
The Telegraph, 27/03/12..."Thousands of O2 broadband customers will have their personal details handed to a pornographer who claims they unlawfully downloaded his films."

by Unwept, the Lone Magpie March 27, 2012
i word use by some one in power to let you know that your not gunna get your way
testa:::this is not a democracy this is a dicktatorship im the dick and your the tators
by guice June 15, 2007
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