Top Definition
ticklish balls
This hoe was givin me head and I had a mad case of the chucklenuts
by tall_a$$_ni99a July 05, 2009
To laugh so hard you bust a nut in your pants.
Hahahahahaha! .....damn. Jizzed myself.

Just watched "Airplane". Released a chucklenut in mah pants.
by Bobbysaggot December 26, 2010
someone behaving with retarded like qualities.
She is being such a chuckle nut.
by jeanie3296 August 07, 2006
a person who escapes from a cult and upon their return to save their friends finds everyone they knew to be victims of mass suicide
that guy is depressed because he's a chuckle nut
by jim4002 November 23, 2010

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