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A dog.
A synonym for dog used in Spain and Central America.
What’s the name of your chucho?
The name of my chucho is Chimichanga…
by LPortillo January 26, 2012
18 17
a nickname in mexico for those who are named "jesus"
instead of: "what's up jesus how are you doing?" just say

"what's up chucho how are you doing?"
by injouriousdave June 17, 2009
103 49
A dog in Guatemala.
Or a greedy person.
I´ll kill the chucho who shitted on my car.

Don´t be chucho, gime me some food.
by Big T January 08, 2004
123 78
used as a nickname or a pet name, used in place of "baby"
"i love you chucho"
by br1dget February 13, 2008
68 57
used when referring to a little ugly dog.
can be a sort of pet name, but literally means little dog. could also be used for little annoying dog.
People have been known to name their dogs this, so they would say "chucho, come here!"

or something like "ay, que chucho, es tan sucicio y feo"
by rbwddi March 04, 2008
66 58