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The stage of erection commonly referred to as "half-chub" or "mid-chub", wherein the penis of the male is at an average state of arousal. Not capable of sexual intercourse, but appropriate for a handjob or a mediocre blowjob.
Girl: wow babe why are you not hard?
Bro: chill girl I got a chubby wubby now put it in your mouth.
by Merriam Chubster July 09, 2012
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A slang term for boner, particular in penises that are shorter thicker in stature.
Yo... When we were in the lake I think I saw Cory get a chubby wubby...
by TiTo2k10 February 10, 2011
A fat lover
I have a chubby wubby
by asdhfnver January 15, 2011

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