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A beautiful girl that is very cheery and always lightens up the room. She is very pretty. She is known to be hyper and never shuts up. It can also be an adjective of being very obnoxious and loud or someone who is always putting a smile on someone's face with her dumb but hilarious statements. She is usually very kind, with a firey side. Has a temper, so don't piss her off! Very compationate, romantic. A sucker for a guy who knows how to whoo her. Sucker for romance. Knows how to party right and party hard!
Guy: Bro my girlfriend Chrystiana is so sweet, she is in for a good time tonight!

Girl: I love my best friend Chrystiana, she helped me go through my break-up!

Guy: You are so damn lucky to be friends with Chrystiana, she knows how to party!
by NatChris December 05, 2011
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