Top Definition
1. Christmas-centric promiscuity.
2. To exhibit one's body inappropriately during the holiday season.
1. A sexy Santa Claus
2. A revealing Christmas sweater
3. Setting: Christmas eve
Character 1:"What happened to you last night, dude?"
Character 2: "I met a girl wearing an awfully Christmiscuous outfit; we made the jingle bells rock."
by Welch Michaels November 27, 2011
1. Enjoys getting her stocking filled by many different Santas.
Drunk Blonde at Party: "I'm feeling Christmiscuous tonight, why doesn't Santa give me his big package"
Creepy guy dressed like Santa: "What should I tell my reindeer to do?" (Signalling his equally creepy posse)
Drunk Blonde at Party: "Bring them along, they can help drive me home"
by CreepySanta December 02, 2011
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