It started when a nice guy hundreds of years ago pretty much said, "Hey guys, maybe we shouldn't be assholes to eachother." For this, he was nailed to a tree.

However, everyone didn't seem to be able to understand "Be nice" so they made up a ton of reasons why he said this.
Eventually this was spun out of hand and one question led to another.

Eventually it started being used to give reason to biggotry. Such as hatred twords gays. When the real reason that these christians hate gays is simply because they are different from them.
It was mainly used to squeeze money from followers (similar to Sceintology). And to gain more followers the christians decided to smear other religons, like Saitanism, to have more followers and more money.
They did this by naming the guy they blamed everything on Saitan, putting their nonsense holidays on the same days as other holidays, and even taking over the holidays of other religons (like Christmas).

Today it is used for, the mental controll of the population of America, stealing money from it's followers, making hate laws (no gay rights), making yourself feel better than everyone else because you belive the story about the cosmic jewish zombie who is his own father, etc...
There are too many christians on the interent.
"No, I'm pretty sure it was Christianity that started WWII."
by GalenTheWorldeEater February 05, 2011
1. A religion with both teachings of good and evil, yet has been responsible for the majority of the world's evil in the past 2,000 years.
2. A religion whose followers refuse to practice what Jesus Christ teaches.
3. A fairy tale, contradictory in and of itself, written in four contradictory plagiarized versions, of a peasant born to a "virgin" woman who cheated on her fiancé with a deity, was raised by her and a carpenter, grew up to be a magic teacher who did magic acts, died on a cross as a scapegoat for nothing he had done wrong, and rose from the dead as if nothing ever happened.
4. The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree. Makes perfect sense.
1. Christianity may have been a good religion to begin with, but was perverted by many of its followers when they committed various acts of stupidity and evil.
2. Many Christians today are hypocrites.
3. The Biblical stories, especially Christianity, will one day be sorted into the mythology section along with the ancient Roman and Greek myths, and maybe along with the fairy tale sections.
4. Christianity sounds like a stupid religion if you summarize it like that.
by Kiss My Ass, Religion June 12, 2010
One woman's lie about an affair that got seriously out of hand.
You've had 2000 years to prove your point, Christianity. It's over. Now fuck off.
by JayVX April 19, 2010
A business that started a few centuries after a regular dude named Joshua got nailed to some 4x4s. Has grown and become an extremely affluent and successful business, largely due to its expansion during the crusades and the genocide of anybody who didn't want to join their customer base and give them money.
It retains its large customer base to this very day through threats of eternal damnation if anybody believe differently or violates any of their rules. This manner of threat tends to breed fanatics who not only push their religion on others, but condemn those who don't believe as they do.
Another method of customer retention is by controlling their customers' thoughts and actions. By doing this, they promote meekness, which in turn breeds people who need the church to tell them what to do day to day, and how to do it.
For example, by condemning those for doing a perfectly natural thing such as having sex outside of a generic union that was invented by them (as another method of control), the church gets a grasp on their clients' natural instincts. This is paramount to controlling them.
In summary, Christianity is a business that has been around for a long time, and has flourished by threatening and controlling its customers, and by the extermination of anybody who didn't want to buy their product.
Guy 1: Hey, I heard guy 3 is really into Christianity
Guy 2: Oh really? He must be an impressionable idiot, who believes in a being that's as whimsical as Santa Clause
Guy 3: Hey guys, how's it going? I just got back from my youth group brainwashing session. Christianity is awesome, because I wouldn't know what to do with my life without it.
by AtheistGuy42 February 06, 2010
Christianity is a monotheisic religion that originated from Judaism. There are many denomiations of Christianity and every one of them is different. You have the up-tight Baptists, The guilt-ridden Catholics, the laid-back Methodists, and the very loose Episcopals (my denomiation). It is pretty ignorant to say that all Christians are close-minded and/or hateful. This is untrue for true christians are accepting and try to be loving like Christ.
Examples of the denominations of christianity:

Baptist Prayer-"Lord Almighty, I have sinned badly and please spare me from eternal damnation!"

Catholic Prayer-"Our Mother of Perpetual Sorrow, I am a terrible sinful person, I know i deserve to burn for stealing my neighbor's garden gnome, Please Forgive Me!"

Methodist Prayer-"Well, Let's see here, I sinned pretty bad so how about we just forget about it and star off new."

Episcopal Prayer-"Oh yeah, I'm sorry i passed out on the street after winning the tequila contest. Also, I think I should add a MY BAD for punching George in my drunken rage but George was annoying the hell out of me"
by Jadali April 26, 2008
A religion, prominent in the Western world, and spread elsewhere largely through conquest. Spread into many denominations as to increase convenience for the followers, who often follow only because everybody else does.

Christianity supports the theory that a platonic divine overlord (commonly referred to as "God") created the Earth and presides over it, and, in fact, involves himself in the daily lives of "his people". Oftentimes Christians pray as to gain the assistance of God. According to Christianity, Jesus was a messiah (and the son of God, who in turn died on a cross as to "atone for the sins of humans", however that connects....), spreading the word of God through miraculous actions and largely philosophical, profound dialogues. His actions and dialogues can be found in the Bible, the religious book (similar to the Koran or Torah)of the Christians.

With the Enlightenment, as a higher level of thinking was achieved, atheists (people who do not believe in divinity) began to arise, later creating a conclusive theory involving the creation of the Earth that does not involve divine precedence.

As technology spreads and thinking broadens, more atheists arise, and oftentimes are met fiercely with Christians, who, as a result, violate their own principles in an effort to justify their insecurities regarding their beliefs.

Christianity should not be hated. It spreads a good message, usually along the lines of "be nice all the time". If anything should be feared, it should be the followerrs of the religion, who are marked by hypocrisy,fanaticism, and violence (though this is not always the case).
"Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (though they call him Allah) all believe in God."

"Christianity has often been criticized for being false and outdated, yet has long withstanded pressure and will likely never collapse."
by Dude with an opinion July 09, 2007
The most popular religion in the world. Fancy words and loving attitudes are shown to unsuspecting people who are sucked into these beliefs and are greatly influenced to show faith towards this group's beliefs. This way of life limits the human being's mind but rather creates clones who have been brainwashed by propaganda. Seems as though a lot of religious teachings are pure and sacred until years of assholes sticking their fingers in it and trying to make money off of it come by and fuck it all up.
The christian church charged me a fee to partake in its gatherings, that's when I knew Christianity is full of shit.
by Pete Dubs February 19, 2006
a religon that started out as a cult (and that's the truth...LIKE IT OR NOT)
....I'm not a christian tho...
by Dirge February 13, 2005

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