A bitch slappin pimp who used to have a good career.
If you don't shut the hell up, Imma Chris Brown yo ass!
by Lemony Snickett February 10, 2009
A verb. It is the action of breaking someone's jaw.
Q: How did the fight go last night?

A: I totally Chris Browned him. He will be eating out of a tube for months.
by P'thon February 09, 2009
To beat mercilessly. Most commonly used as a distasteful action verb in jest in regards to a woman.
I swear if that bitch gave me herpes I'll Chris Brown her ass.
by Flipyoutoo March 03, 2009
An undershirt commonly worn by men and woman. Also known as a "wife beater" or "boy beater"
Letty: Did you see that hot guy at the gym?
Alicia: Which guy?
Letty: The hottie wearing the Chris Brown.
Alicia: Yeah, way hot!

Letty: Did you see that skank always wearing a black bra under her Chris Brown?
Alicia: I know, so trashy.
by RoliPoliOli March 10, 2009
adj. Chris Brown'd, Chris Browning
1. To hit someone, most likely a female, in the face then flee the seen.
2. To mush someone, most likely a female, then flee the seen
Guy 1: Can i crach at your place for a few days?
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: My girl called my mom a bitch so i Chris Brown'd her
by Prince King February 12, 2009
the act of beating the shit out of someone, preferably a woman
"watch out, i'll chris brown your ass!"
by princess1323232 February 11, 2009
v. to beat your woman. Can also be a synonym for the verb "to beat"
Guy: Did you bring the pudding?
Girl: I brought frozen yogurt.
Guy: I oughta Chris Brown you right here.
by minhdzuy February 11, 2009
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