adj. Chris Brown'd, Chris Browning
1. To hit someone, most likely a female, in the face then flee the seen.
2. To mush someone, most likely a female, then flee the seen
Guy 1: Can i crach at your place for a few days?
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: My girl called my mom a bitch so i Chris Brown'd her
by Prince King February 12, 2009
the act of beating the shit out of someone, preferably a woman
"watch out, i'll chris brown your ass!"
by princess1323232 February 11, 2009
An undershirt commonly worn by men and woman. Also known as a "wife beater" or "boy beater"
Letty: Did you see that hot guy at the gym?
Alicia: Which guy?
Letty: The hottie wearing the Chris Brown.
Alicia: Yeah, way hot!

Letty: Did you see that skank always wearing a black bra under her Chris Brown?
Alicia: I know, so trashy.
by RoliPoliOli March 10, 2009
v. to beat your woman. Can also be a synonym for the verb "to beat"
Guy: Did you bring the pudding?
Girl: I brought frozen yogurt.
Guy: I oughta Chris Brown you right here.
by minhdzuy February 11, 2009
A term used to slap someone. Like the way he hit Rihanna
"Don't make me Chris Brown you, bitch!"
by Jesusxmakesxchrist March 02, 2009
When you stomp the shit out of a girl to put her in place. To be a women beater.
I Chris Browned the hell out of her after I found out she gave me Herpes.
by GAfan February 10, 2009
An apparent metrosexual singer/dancer who,due to skillful manipulation through the media of the rap/hip-hop fanbase, has garnered much support as of late, though the subject matter of his songs hardly concern that of his colleagues or to what his new supporters formerly listened to.

Perhaps the future of the Rap/Hip-Hop/R & B scene, and if so a gigantic step over the derivative,incoherent, and disgustingly repetitive nature of Rap/Hip-Hop/R & B scene immediately previous to his fame and discovery.

Should not be hated or written off as another one of the several recent BET-frequenting hooligans who will be long forgotten five years from now.
"I saw Chris Brown getting a pedicure the other day....kind of weird."

"MTV says to like Chris Brown!"

"Even if MTV didn't say to like Chris Brown I'd still like him because he isn't a hooligan!"
by The end of all Hope August 17, 2007

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