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A term usually used for calling someone scum,or a cheating dirt bag. Persons who are usually called this term, tend to date "pan" faced crazy girls, and sit at home and watch youtube videos alone. They tend to be manipulate, ugly, with red hair, and tons of freckles. They are usually skinny,and have no muscle mas. Karma is always against Chris's, and they get in icy car accidents, and for some reason cheat death, just like how they cheat on everything else.
If you have a chance to meet a "Chris", it's better to stay as far away as possible.

"oh shit, Chris is coming, run!"
"Did you hear, Chris cheated on Emily again?!"
by his.worst.nightmare. August 18, 2008
An interesting term used for goat herders found in Africa. These hard workers have to learn to avoid the likes of cheetahs, hyenas, rhinos, irresponsible dick robbers, and spear hunters. The first letter of each will spell Chris. Sadly, it also applies to the slops of shit found in the rest of the world. Call someone a Chris, and they know they are going to have an all around shitty day.
Bobby Earl: Well shit on me mang, all of a sudden I’m just like a Chris. My girlfriend slapped my sack, I lost my money to the cock fights, my neighbor’s goat ate my wife's pansy’s, my car decided to catch fire and burn a house down, and something gave me awful diarrhea with blood.

Johnnie Beaver: Ha ha ha ha, you goat herder chris.

Bobby Earl: Fuck you.
by ass_monkey December 09, 2005
A pussy-boy that doesnt make a move on girls at the right time and waits till its waay too late.
No, nothing happened last night, what do you expect its Chris.
by niceboysfinishlast July 10, 2008
kid who sits in his room all day beating off to megaman. and tenticles up asian girls asses.. he like nuts lodged in his mouth.. he sucks dick all day and he has no friends
megaman- that kid over there is a fag
zero- dont you mean hes a chris?
megaman- hellz yessum!
by chris wont no who it is :p September 09, 2008
The Chris is a large, spineless creature who stalks the rare Taybra. Their only sexual orientation is Flamingly Homosexual, therefore, they only participate in hardcore buttsex. Diet includes everything possibly ingestable, AIDS, and human semen.
Don't worry about the Chris, it is completely spineless!
by ­TASK­ September 16, 2008
a fag w/ no friends usually sit at home and playes w/ his sisters friends
chris: hey guys wanna hang out
friend: hahaha u make me laugh , NO
by Ryryjafsebs December 29, 2007
a runescape nerd that doesnt know the meaning of a socical life, also likes to tug off while watching the computer screen
"chris" a chubby worm looking man
by Gibbo owns you August 31, 2008