Hunter of the Pedobear.
Host of Dateline NBC's "To Catch a Predator".
Defender of the lolis.
Chris Hansen - "The guy on TV who let YOU have a seat - right over there!"
by Suom Ynona August 25, 2009
The most badass man in the world.
The host of NBCs To Catch A Predator.
He tells Pedos to take a seat over there.
The only man that Chuck Norris is afraid of.
The Ultimate Spy hunter, when someone yells spy he shows up punches the spy and tells them to take a seat.
Jesus can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land, but Chris Hansen goes swimming in the SUN!!!
The only man that can defeat the predator is Chris Hansen!
Chris Hansen can make your head explode just by looking at you.
by napalmninja October 26, 2009
The host of Dateline NBC's, To Catch A Predator; a smug bastard.

If you see this man in a house that isn't yours, then you can pretty much count on yourself going to jail.

He will not believe that you just wanted to play video games.
Chris Hansen - Would you like to explain to me what you're doing here?
Pedophile #1 - I...umm...I'm just here to play video games.

Chris Hansen - So what's going on here?
Pedophile #2 - I would just like to go home, sir.
by December 19, 2010
"did u see msnbc dateline's \to catch a predator last night?"

"ya! chris hansen totally owned meatrocket8, when he went to the seccret undercover house, not to get his lolita but to get sent to jail!"
by meatrocket8 August 08, 2009
To take a shit on a person during intercourse for the specific purpose of humiliating them. This is comparable to the humiliation Chris Hansen imposes on suspects on "To Catch a Predator".
Steve always has to be in control, he would probably Chris Hansen a girl on the first date, just to make sure she knows who's the boss.
by RuthlessGraveyards March 28, 2009
A child molester.
Pedophile catching pedophile.
A - Is chris hansen pedophile ?
B - Yes ofcourse.
by Chris hacker January 10, 2010

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