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This is what the cooler crackheads call Chore Boy, a material used as a screen in crack pipes. Some simply call it Chore Boy. Those that are "cooler" call it Choy
Get me a rose and some Choy so i can smoke this cream colored rock.
by IEatBadgers August 17, 2003
one who tends to act like the mother figure while wagging her finger at you, also throws around such insults as "jerk" and "sleeze"
that was such a choy thing to say
by sleezball April 24, 2005
To be used only amongst close friends where in lieu of their name, you use Choy. Just like bro, bud, boss, chief. This makes you look less of a putz and a little more original than normal.
e.g. An indicator of how close Boj is to Cary.

"Choy, can you rack me up a few?"
by Boj April 21, 2005
see Choi

A superior sect of Koreans whose lineage can be traced back to scholars and the educated.
Ben Choy is such a pimp. How can I be more like him?
by Ben Choy August 14, 2005
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