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How people from the Boston/New England area say chowder, made popular by many parodies of former president JFK in tv shows.
JFK: "I want mo' chowda!"
by Alex Hills January 03, 2008
a term for massachusettes people given by new hampshire locals that hate them and their awful driving. chowda's cannot pronounce the letter R. and make no attempt to do so.
hey look, that chowda just cut me off. or matha pahk the cah.
by joe c wales October 07, 2004
a clam filled soup that is eaten by new englanders. usually found with clam cakes, and crakers.
damn this is some good chowda.
by elric21 October 28, 2004
Boston definition of chowder
You wana jump in the cah and go grab some clam chowda?
by chowdahead August 06, 2012
Vagina residue left on ones penis after intercorse
When you f*** a broad then she leaves, but you do not shower. Broad #2 comes over and then blows you. Aka she's sucking on the "CHOWDA"
by GRAPE BOMBS 4 LIFE October 27, 2011
When someone wipes out or slips and falls
hahaha Steve chowda'ed bad going for the 360.
Mike had a big chowda when he feel down the stairs
by B1991 June 17, 2008
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