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A person who is worthless, and a idiot. One who acts like a moron. One who is a loser at everything and is a epic failure.
"Stop being a little chotch", "Your a chotch", "Those are for Chotches."
by Chotch Master May 13, 2010
A creature native to many college campuses across the U.S. The chotch, also referred to as a bro, is a nocturnal creature that sleeps during the daytime classes and emerging in the evening to survey and participate in sporting events. The chotch survives mainly off of higher end alcoholic beverages and pizza. Blonde females flock to the chotches at night because of its ferimones it excretes from its skin, containing hollister or abercrombie cologne. If a chotch does not like what is being said about it, the said chotch will enter a beastial rage attacking all beings in a straight line. Most chotches should be avoided as they are hostile creatures that are easily angered.
Look Jimmy! Theres a chotch over there drinking some expensive booze! Dont anger it!
by THEBUMFUZZLE September 06, 2011
A woman's vagina
I saw at least 17 chotch's at the lucky bar last night
by Chotchalicious June 03, 2010
A used rubber or condom.
When I was done having sex I took off my chotch and flushed it down the toilet.
by Chotchmonster1994 April 13, 2010
A guy who cares more about gettin his dick wet then the girl/and or guy he is about to penetrate with his peni. also can be refered to as chotch monkey.
steve parker is such a chotch
by bongriiipss August 20, 2009
Another term for coke/cocain.
Let's do some chotch!
by Sarah Putnam April 12, 2007
also classified as a "dude", wears all abercrombie, have names like "chad", where trucker hats that mean nothing to them, have wings about 5 inches long, wear clogs, wear designer jeans that are faded and are cut at the knees and around the ankles, a lot of them go to woodberry
Chad models for abercrombie and wears cologn, he is a chotch.
by stchris_ June 05, 2005