Chris Graves says to Tom Brown and Bobby Harmon. "Hey, you got me chopping onions heeya"
#crying #onions #chopping #sad #balling
by Derrick Heichelbech December 07, 2008
Top Definition
Busy, or otherwise overwhelmed with work.

Originally used in Northeastern culinary institutions, made its way into corporate lingo late 2012.
John was chopping onions trying to get his management reports done and fix the broken copier.

When Sam asked John if he could do him a favor, John responded "Sorry, I can't, I'm chopping onions this morning!"
#choppin onions #busy #slammed #overwhelmed #underwater
by TabbyDabby April 01, 2013
What people do when they watch videos like the deaf girl who could hear for the first time.
"Oh my god, it's so beautiful. You know, chopping onions and all."
#beautiful onion #onion #cry #bambi #e.t.
by IMJUSTSOPASSIONATE January 24, 2012
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