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an insulting slang word. used often in place of loser or asshole. it sounds like a spanish word, but it is not actually part of the spanish language.
-He just posted the most terrible status on facebook!

-Man, are you serious? What a Chopa!
by J'Marcus September 25, 2011
Chopa kinda means "low class" girl, or one with bad taste (flashy, colorful clothes, lots of makeup... very whore-like). CHOLA means the same...
Mierda, que chopa, coño! (trans: Damn, what a "chopa"!)
by PAKOH January 31, 2005
Origins in Jharkhand,India. Slang for being in a situation where things go unexpectedly wrong.
"O what a chopa! I went for the exam and when I reached there I realized its Sunday & the exam is tommorrow!"
by yobabe February 24, 2007
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