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2 definitions by PAKOH

Of Dominican origin, from the combination of 'CHEVERE' (kind of old spanish word which means 'cool' used throughout Latin America) and 'JEVI' (mainly Dominican word which also means 'cool', but in a more youthful way), resulting in a new word which means 'cool' aswell, but in a trippier, more-than-jevi sense.

The 'E' es usualy elongated, to emphasize just how 'CHEVI' something is Cheeevi

*(Note: In no way related to Chevrolet cars, but pronounced just like 'Chevy')
Gina- Hey, ¿soporta cool activity here, loko?
Pakoh- Chevi or CHEEEVI!

Gina- Hey, ¿feel like cool activity here, dude?
Pakoh- Chevi or CHEEEVI!
by pakoh September 03, 2005
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Chopa kinda means "low class" girl, or one with bad taste (flashy, colorful clothes, lots of makeup... very whore-like). CHOLA means the same...
Mierda, que chopa, coño! (trans: Damn, what a "chopa"!)
by PAKOH January 31, 2005
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