Language in which you appear to be speaking a different language, but in reality you are speaking English. There are several dialects. ( the most well known dialect of chopsuey is the african dialect.)
"hey man those guys are crazy, talkin that Chopsuey!"
by Jstunna/Ceezy March 09, 2012
a sniper. usually using a asian assult rifle
the president has a chop suey in the bushes.
by freddie bunz November 21, 2007
the means of assulting an other person, animal or object in a karate like manner with your hands. Usually with plams and fingers positioned straight out and moving in a vertical up and down motion. {originated in china)
'im gonna give you the chop suey-ing of your life!'
by fUnKi MoNkEy January 25, 2005
To karate chop the back of someone's neck in a manner meaning to injure or stun. Usually takes place when a friend is moving in on some chick, and ESPECIALLY when he's moving in on the G-nade (grenade - ugliest girl of a group of two or more girls).
Person1: John's moving in on the g-nade
Person2: Fuck that
*Chop Suey*
John: Ah fuckin bastards
by andrew Spurway July 05, 2005
chop suey being an asian food is also to be suggested as a term for asians themselves. Probably taken as an insult if an asian was called one.
"omg fred did you go the dance club in the city on friday night?"
"Did you see all the chop suey's there?!"
by Rosemary March 29, 2005
to jerk off a man with chop sticks, then at the finish penetrate his pisshole with a chop stick, and break it off inside his dick!
john loved the idea of a final finish chop suey, untill that crazy bitch broke it off up in him!
by sparco May 05, 2005

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